On to the next adventure!

I have just finished my last Spanish breakfast at a hotel in Torremolinos, although there is nothing Spanish about it. I am sipping the last of a cup of watered-down, hotel coffee-machine coffee as the “Zen” music of Hotel Zen fills the empty buffet room. A ‘Vikings’ themed (not the football team…) slot machine lights up sporadically, and each empty table has a fake, neon green plant and a bowl of sugar packets. That pretty much sums up this town. The only thing missing is the British ex-pats with their fake orange tans and their conversations about golf scores.

I had a dream last night that I dropped Whitney off at the airport – but it wasn’t actually a dream. I drove her there at 5am and came back to catch a few more hours of rest before I too catch a flight out of the Malaga aeropuerto. But I am not going back to the USA. Instead, I am going to Milan, Italy. I had never expected to go to Italy — I picked the destination because it was the cheapest way to get myself near the Alps.

My only plans as of right now are to take a train to a hostel where I will meet Alex Cheifetz, a friend from the Arcadia days back in AZ. Our general plan is to travel to Barcelona by the 25th in a roundabout way via the Alps, the southern coast of France, and the Pyrenees. I am researching on the internet to form a more solid travel plan. There is something appealing about the uncertainty of it all – the possibilities are endless.

If anyone has any suggestions of places to go, things to see, and ways to travel that are not too financially extravagant, please drop me a message! We would appreciate any and all suggestions!

Hasta luego, Andalucia!


2 responses to “On to the next adventure!

  1. Thanks for the virtual tour–I’ve loved the combination of rocks, flowers, scenery, adventure and local color. I hope you keep on with the blog as you continue on to Italy, I look forward to the next installments.

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